Advertise With Us

Our clients ask us: “How can we connect to your readers?”

It’s simple! Advertise with us!

Elevator 2010 provides advertising services. We have thousands of readers worldwide who constantly go to our blog to get updates on various topics and niches.

What are the advertising methods?

Here are few of the advertising methods you can choose:

Text Link Ads

We can also hyperlink some words that are related to your business. Once our readers click the hyperlinked words, it will direct them to your website. You can place your text ad links within our articles and other types of contents.

Image Ads

You can place your image advertisements or banners on our blog site. When readers click this image ad or banner, it will bring them to your web page which contains your products and services.

Video Ads

You can also send us your promotional videos and commercials so that we can include them on our blog site. These promo videos and ads will be played on a loop to attract more customers.


Advertise through PopAds. You can display your ads as pop-ups or pop-unders. PopAds is one of the best strategies to instantly reach customers who are on our blog

Paid Reviews

You can also let us review your products and services. Writing a review is one of the best marketing strategies that help consumers on their purchasing decision. We make sure that we will be honest in our reviews. Let us talk about the rates.

How much is the cost for advertising?

Our blog advertising rates depend on your chosen method of advertising. For sponsored posts, it depends on the style, length, and complexity of the review. We also offer discounts for long-term advertisers. To know more about our rates, feel free to connect with us through our contact form.