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Atlas Copco

Out of the varying industrial companies spread far and wide all over the world, Atlas Copco is undeniably one of the best with over a century of experience in the industry. Mainly manufacturing industrial tools and equipment, Atlas Copco distributors are found in dozens of cities and countries. According to the latest reports, they have employed more than 45,000 people and have built a hundred productions sites in 20 counties. As for the country with their largest single market, it would the United States followed by China. Atlas Copco develops, service and manufacturers dozens of industrial tools but they are the leading manufacturers when it comes to air compressors. Assembly systems, rock drills, mining and construction equipment are also their forte.

Where it All Began

Initially named AB Atlas, it was founded by a man named Edvard Fränckel; he was a known Swedish politician, industrialist and even senior official at the Swedish State Railways. But he didn’t do it all alone, he established the business alongside Carl Cervin, Andre Wallenberg, Fredrik Didro and Johan Arnberg. During the initial stages of the business, Atlas concentrated on the manufacturing, selling and purchasing of all sorts of tools and materials for railroad operations and constructions. Everything was going smoothly until the recession hit sometime in the 1880s, it caused a major decline in railroad construction. In order to cope up, Atlast Copco branch off to other industries like tool machinery, locomotives and central heating. By 1899, the company had begun to develop and manufacture their first air compressors, gradually establishing a name in the air compressor industry. Due to the phasing out of older production branches, Atlas Copco decided to do business and team up with Diesel Motors in 1917. The company that emerged from the deal was Atlas Diesel; they specialized in compressor air and diesel engine products.

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