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Bat Removal Toronto to the Rescue of Home Owners

Bats are small creatures that sometimes enter the house through small cracks in the roof or through the chimney or fireplace. They generally do not live alone but stay as a colony. Bat Removal Toronto services are required mostly in August when the young ones learn to fly and just enter into the house, as they have not yet gained their sense of direction. There are many ways of getting rid of bats from the house. You can use mothballs and place them around the house, as bats do not like the smell of the mothballs. They also abhor the smell of peppermint and eucalyptus. Similarly, cinnamon is also detested by moths. You can also sprinkle droplets of phenol around the house. You should also close all entrances to holes and cracks, found around the house.

Getting Rid of Bats

With Bat Removal Toronto, chasing away the bat or bat removal becomes an easy job. You will have to chase away the entire colony of bats to get rid of them. The cost of removing the bats depends on the infestation of the bats and the size of the house. Removing a single bat may cost around $300, while removing an entire colony may be a bit more costly. Bats tend to hide behind curtains and window rods. Open all doors and windows and the bat may soon fly out. You can also smother the bat in a blanket. Inspect the building and determine how the bats are entering the house. The attic should be the first place to check. Make use of the bat exclusion strategy by which bats can get out of the house but cannot enter again. You can also use nettings to protect the house from bats getting into the house further.

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