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Different Types Of Baby Cribs

In parenting, purchasing the nursery of your baby is an interesting phase. It is the place where your baby would peacefully rest and have sweet dreams. Also, it is the place where your baby would be alone for hours. Usually, parents select a crib based on brand, price, style, or color. However, safety should be your number 1 priority. The crib must be secure and certifiably safe for your kid, no matter what you select.

Here are several types of baby cribs that you can choose, depending on your needs. After this, you can read best cribs 2018.

Standard Crib

This type of crib does not do something special aside from serving as a place to sleep. Standard crib does not have drawers or other functional aspects, lacks great design, and do not fold up. This type of crib will just be enough if you only want a crib for your kid to sleep.


This type of crib is often portable and more compact. Usually, Bassinets are much cheaper than a standard crib and could offer a safe place to sleep for your kid.


This type of crib could convert from a headboard, to a daybed, to a crib. A convertible is a good way to save money since cribs usually last only for 1 year for most children.


This type of crib is different than travel cribs since they are usually created using hard materials such as wood. Portable crib could fold up just like a coffee table. This type of crib can be stored easily.


This type of crib is usually created using soft materials such as foam and mesh. Travel cribs could be pack up well. If you are a parent that frequently travels from one place to another, this crib is great for you.

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