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Equipment Needed For Ice Skating

Ice skating was 1st discovered in the 13th century. A lot of historical figures liked ice skating. This includes Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Napoleon III, and Marie Antoinette. It is the oldest sport in the Olympic winter games. It was also present in 1908 during the London Games. The equipment and skates used have not changed much. However, with our modern technology, it has become more effective.  


The boots in ice skating are made from stiff leather to offer support to the foot and the ankle. The fit is the most vital feature that you need to consider when purchasing a pair. The boot must be cozy and your feet mustn’t be able to move much. Once the boots are broken in, they would be more comfortable. However, it is not the proper size if the boot causes numbness or pinches. A lot of boots sold in shops come with the blade attached already. This is okay for recreational or amateur skater. However, professional skaters must purchase the boots and blades separately.


The blades of the ice skates aren’t fully flat from one tip to the other. Rather, they have a tiny curve, also known as a rocker. Also, the blade’s width isn’t fully flat. It is concave. This builds 2 edges that are both sharp. Because of this, there are 4 points on a blade that could be utilized in performing different jumps, spins, and moves. The blade’s front is jagged and also called as the toe pick. The size of the toe pick and the blade’s length would vary depending on the skill level and specialized style of the performer. It is significant to sharpen regularly the blades of the skate and to secure them when you are not using it.

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