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Express – The Cheap Jewelry Online Seller that Offers Discounts

You know what’s better than a cheap jewelry online seller? One that even offers discounts despite the incredibly affordable price attached to their products. Express is an online shop that offers all kinds of clothing, apparel and accessories. Whatever your taste and preference may be, we’re sure that at least a handful of their accessories will call your attention.

Placing Orders

When ordering at Express, customers have to option to either place their orders through the website or by phone; complete contact details are displayed on their website. Take note, when you order via phone indicate the seven or eight-digit style number alongside the style and colour of your preferred accessory. Unfortunately, Express cannot process orders sent via fax or mail. Bear in mind that people outside the country can only order through the website and some item are not legible for international shipments.

By saving certain items in your shopping bag, it basically becomes a shortlist but after 30 days the items will be removed from your bag. This is not, in any way, a reservation; reservation only occurs after completing the checkout process. In case an item is in your shopping bag and it suddenly becomes unavailable or get sold out, it will be automatically removed from your shopping bag; you’ll be notified whenever items are removed from the shopping bag. As for the payment method, they accept the following: Express Next Credit Card, American Express, PayPal, gift cards, JCB card and those bearing Discover logos. Always double check all the details in the billing information and once an order has been placed you should see a pending authorization in your account; this is typically removed after 3-h business days or when the order is shipped and payment has been successfully submitted.

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