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Going On A Tulum Cenote Tour

Living the city life alongside routine work and rest days that involve lounging around all day can be incredibly tedious and tiresome at some point. It’s like your body’s slowly longing for an adventure out in nature or even a change of scenery at least. Saving money and leave credits for an amazing and destressing trip is actually easier than it sounds once you’ve actually started. We highly recommend the wonders that come with a Tulum cenote tour. For those who don’t know, Tulum is a municipality in Mexico and besides the cenotes there are also gorgeous beaches and life changing spa treatments available.

Cenotes in Tulum

Trust us when we say cenotes are fascinating wonders of nature, there are all sorts of tours and activities that revolve around them and below are some of the available cenotes;

  • El Gran Cenote – as of today, the admission is $10 per person and this is by far the most sought-after cenote in Tulum so don’t be surprised by the sheer number of tourists present during your visit. El Gran Cenotes offers the right combination of shallow open-air portions, deep and cavernous portions and just enough wooden decking. Stairs that lead straight to the water from numerous entrance points are available. Highly recommended for first timers, there are even equipment for rent, though the prices may prove to be a bit steep.

  • Casa Cenote – located at the magical area of TanKah III Bay, Casa Cenote has underground caverns that goes below ground for about a hundred yards before the actual beach. At the end of the ‘trail’ you’ll reach what can be described as an underwater water spring just 20 yards from the said beach. TanKah III Bay is just 7 kilometers from the intersections of the ruins, just take a cab for convenience.
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