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Kim Kardashian, The Beauty Woman

Fans love to know whether Kim Kardashian has undergone plastic surgery. Even after crossing her 30’s, Kim has been able to stand glamorously with her figure, beating others, many years her junior, in beauty and perfection.

Even if a person has everything in life, age takes its toll on them. But with Kim, there are no signs of aging either in her skin texture, fat deposits, hairline or anything else. Her fans just wonder about her looks. Is it natural or artificially created is the million dollar question that is their minds. Kim has been pregnant but there are no signs of weight gain or belly distension. There are no indications, whatsoever about any change in her body. But when you see how Kim Kardashian used to look before surgery, you will understand the reasons for the many questions that arise.

It is natural that people put plastic surgery as the only reason for such perfection. All imperfections have been rectified, people feel, as they look at the pictures of Kim Kardashian through the years.  What happened to the baby hair on her hairline? Kim has admitted to having hair removal through laser treatment on her fore line. The nose job that has reshaped her nose is another inquisitive question that arises in one’s mind. Though the socialite says that it is make-up, fans deny this logic as unacceptable. Her nose looks shorter and thinner since 2007, claim fans. The skin tone on Kim’s body is becoming more flawless with a glowing texture that defies all logic of aging, as the skin shows the first signs of aging that is visible.

Plastic surgeons claim that all these changes are possible only through plastic surgery, as no amount of make-up or beauty treatment can bring such drastic changes.

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