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Making Personalized Santa Stockings

Christmas Stockings are socks shaped bag which is used as decoration on Christmas Eve. It is for Santa Clause to fill chocolates, candies and a small gift on in those Socks and they are often referred as Santa Stockings. The items that are used to fill these Santa Stockings are known as Stocking Fillers. People put them around the Fireplace Mantel or near the bed post and as per the stories, a bad child would only receive a piece of coal in a Santa Stockings.

There are a lot of people who prefer making personalized Santa Stockings and here are some of the great ideas to make these Personalized Santa Stockings and saving money as well. You can even involve your kids in this fun activity.

  • If you have more than one child then you can use the normal Santa Stocking and you can put the name of each child on one stocking. You can use glitters for the purpose or you can even buy cloth sticker to print the name of the child on the Santa Stocking.
  • You can also make the whole stocking by yourself and for that, you will basically need a pair of stocking along with the decorative material. You can also use Christmas decoration, cotton and beads to decorate the Santa Stockings.
  • You can also use patches of cloth and cut it into the desired shape with help of stencils and then you can paste them on the stocking with help of a fabric glue. It would be relatively easy to use a fabric clue than to actually sew it on the stocking.
  • Another thing that you can do is that you can use wool fabric and animal ornaments to make a different pattern on Santa Stocking.

These were some of the tricks that can be used for making personalized Santa Stockings. You can also go ahead and google some of the images to get a better idea.

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