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Methods to Remove your Late Payments

Late payments could be a huge deal. They significantly count toward the score calculation of your credit. Unless you do something, it could stay on the credit report for several years. But, it is not really that hard to remove late payments. Here are some ways you could utilize to remove your late payments from the credit report you have.

Good Will Adjustment

For the removal of late payments, request from the original creditor a “Goodwill Adjustments”. The idea here works very well and is simple. A lot of times, if the past payment history is fairly great and you have created a great relationship with your creditor, they will be happy to give Goodwill Adjustments. This is possibly the surest and simplest method to remove late payments from the credit report. The procedure includes writing a letter to the creditor that explains why you were late and asking that they “pardon” the late payment and accordingly alter your credit report. The simplest method to write a letter is to use templates from the internet.

Signing up For Automatic Payments

Usually, creditors offer frequently to get your late payments removed if you agree to sign-up for automatic payments in exchange. This idea works well for both you and the creditor. You do not have to worry about missing other payments and the creditor could make sure payments would be made on time in the future.

Disputing the Late Payment as “Not Accurate”

A lot of professionals surely do not support lying – only if you are claiming a payment is “not accurate” even though you know it is. You could argue that the late payment is not accurate if you find ANY inaccurate late payments on your credit report. This includes amounts, dates, and much more.

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