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Proxyclick – The Best Registration App To Wow Your Visitors

Regardless of the industry that your business may be involved in, of course you want to have an edge against the competition even with the smaller details. ProxyClick offers the top visitor registration app for iPad. It paves the way for a better and warmer welcome by letting the visitors check themselves in. In terms of the interface, it’s incredibly user-friendly and customizable so it displays the identity of your brand. Smart questions can also be programmed in order to gather general information about each and every visitor, the possibilities are endless.


  1. Visitor Management –

Managing every visitor information has never been this easy. Employees will have ready access with the required information, thus speeding up the process of visitor management.

  1. Security –

The program will immediately alert the people concerned whenever visitors check in and forget to checkout afterwards or whenever a specified visitor checks in. Visitors are also made aware of the rules of confidentiality, thus keeping data and facilities safe and secure.

  1. Reports –

With the help of the program, employees can quickly produce reports, collect data as well as spot certain trends. All these data help enhance the experience of visitors.

  1. Data Protection –

Take note that all data are completely safe and is backed up on a daily basis across numerous servers so clients can access the said data even if there’s a hardware issue. It’s also owned by the client and is retrievable at any time.

  1. Visitor Recognition –

Thanks to the program, visitors may be truly welcomed, the name of the visitor is displayed on the device during check in and the app records details, like how they prefer certain amenities and products like drinks and food.

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