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Some Great Wireless Charger Recommendations For You

One of the most common issues that techie people have to deal with would be the various types of wires that are used in charging. While carrying and bringing these wires around can be tiring, through the years, people who have gadgets have learned to deal with them. Modern technology, however, and its advancements has paved the way for the invention of the wireless phone charger, which allows users to give life to their gadgets while bypassing the inconvenience brought about by these wires. With that said, what are some great wireless chargers you could avail of?

Choetech Fast Wireless Charger

If you’re looking for a charger that doesn’t lie on its back while offering a vast area for charging, then you’re in luck! This allows you to charge your phone regardless of position. This charger is perfect for the latest Samsung phones, and does so at 1.4 times faster than traditional Qi technology. It is better to use a 2.4 amp USB adapter to make sure that the charging time is kept at a minimum.


To those who just can’t wait for their phones to reach full battery, then this fast wireless charger by Pasonomi is the perfect one. It makes use of Qi 2.0 for compatible devices, but other devices could charge as well. Beyond the power, the design is sure to stand out, with an LED indicator which indicates the current status.


When it comes to looking for wireless chargers, the budget would never be removed from the equation. The wireless charging pad by Kroma has dimensions of 3 x 3.7 x 1.1 inches, and is lightweight and Qi supported. While it does not have a fast-charging option, which helps keep the price low, it nevertheless is enough to give you the wireless charging thrill at low cost.

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