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The Prevalon Heel Protector

Heel ulcers can be incredibly uncomfortable and it won’t go away anytime soon, but there are ways to help prevent the development of the medical condition as much as possible. Prevention is better than cure as they say, a form of prevention would be to use heel protectors. Websites like display reviews on what they think are top quality heel protectors; of course heel protectors are not the primary focus in terms of products. Because of the fact that heel protectors are not common requirements and the youngest users are those who have leg and heel injuries or operations.

Heel Protector from Prevalon

Because of heel ulcers, leg and heel injuries as well as any operation in the surrounding area may call for the usage of a heel protector. What they basically offer is tension and pressure relief on the heel and ankle. Prevalon Heel Protector aids in avoiding heel ulcers by lifting the heel from the surface while cradling the foot in order to eliminate all the pressure. It’s the ideal brand and model for users with calf circumferences of more than 10 inches. The foot is kept comfortably in place by soft and unique materials.

Compared to other heel protectors, the Prevalon Heel Protector is a bit pricier at $89.12 a piece since it’s not sold in pairs but they’re worth every dollar; at this price range, the Prevalon Heel Protector comes with free shipping from Amazon. Take note that this heel protector isn’t machine washable, cleaning only involves wiping it with a damp cloth whenever needed; washing it in the washing machine ruins the heel protector. The Prevalon Heel Protector is frequently bought together with the DMI Heel cushions that come at a pair per package for only $21.99; nothing’s too expensive for relief and comfort.

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