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Things To Know About The Greece Property Tax Rate

If you are thinking of owning any property in Greece there are some of the major aspects you need to be well aware of. These points will affect your purchase and also will involve a lot of attention to put into. One search criteria are Greece Property Tax Rate, the property taxation system in Greece is very much different than that in the UK. It has undergone a double taxation treaty with the UK so you will only be required to pay tax in Greece if you are a permanent resident here.

To buy any of the property you will have to obtain a tax number that will be effective for more than one criteria. AFM is a unique text identification number that is given to each of the individuals and can be obtained from any of the local tax offices. This is one of the most important documents as your passport and should be kept very safe.

The AFM is used for other purposes as well other than just for the Greece Property Tax rate. Some of these are written down below.

  • You can use it as an identification proof to open a bank account.
  • This can be also used to pay the Purchase property tax that is required to be paid after the purchase of any such properties or land.
  • If you are quoting a contract of sale you will be required to catch the unique text identification number with it.
  • It is also used to get a valid phone line connection and also to change the utilities that are under your name.
  • Other than the grease property tax rate it is also required to make a lease agreement for the rental
  • These are also required for you to put along with your annual income tax declaration.
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