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Trekking- Sapa Journey Guide

Sapa trekking is one of the tremendous things that travelers want to do.  Trekking is referred as long adventurous journey be undertaken on foot and challenging the environment in uncharted territories.  When it comes to sapa tours, Vietnam is what tourists prefer first; hidden in fog with the dangerous routes, fabulous sceneries, the paradise for travelers that’s sapa.  Sapa is one of the perfect spot for the wanderers, who are seeking for unforgettable trips.  On the other hand, trekking is a lengthy leg traveling initiated with the morning hikes and returning to the pavilion in the evening.  It is very adamant and a challenging activity, as well as anyone with the reasonable physical condition, can go for trekking.

Equipment Manual For Trekking

Most of the time people forget to take some minor sapa trekking items that are necessary for the long journey.  That’s’ why through this attain items list and check before departure.

  • Sleeping bag: Important equipment for sleep.  Note, don’t try to sleep without it.  There are lots of animals roaming around in the mountain areas, so use sleeping bags as a protection in the night.
  • Water bottle: Take at least 2 liters with you while traveling.  There is no source you can get water on the mountain.
  • First-aid kit: Trekking is very hard leg journey and to provide relief on legs, the first-aid kit is a vital factor to keep.

  • Maps: Trekkers are not known of the area, where they are traveling to.  It is important to have a map in order to find the way.  There to need to have a compass on these trips, because mountain offers extreme magnetic force, so the compass is unable to detect the right direction.
  • Rope, plastic bags as well as emergency ration: Always take these items in order to overcome obstacles during the sapa trekking.
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