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Useful Guide on Winning Ranked Games in Overwatch

Sometimes, it could be hard to win a match of Overwatch and we read regularly concerns from people regarding matchmaking or being matched up with players who aren’t sure what to do, how to play or what they must do as a group to win the match. To enhance drastically your chances of winning, there are a lot of things you could do – especially if you are queuing solo. Several people avail Overwatch boost just to increase their rank.

Though a win could never be assured, the guide below could increase your chances of winning a ranked game.

Counter Pick

Perhaps, this is the clearest. However, we are truly amazed at how players are unwilling to change their character once picked. Small thought is offered to what the opponent has or how your character plays against the enemy. The ability to switch characters freely is one of the most significant features of the game. Staying on one for too long would be harmful to your group since the enemy would try to counter you.

Increase Your Hero Pool

This is maybe opposing to what we have mentioned above. However, it is frequently much better to play a hero you are good at than just selecting a counter. For instance, it is probably not worth changing if you have never played Pharah but you have to counter Bastion. It would be damaging to your group and you would be killed easily. Rather, think of other characters you may be great with that also have a lead over Bastion. Hanzo works well against the said hero, so does Zenyatta, Widowmaker, and Junkrat. Having a lot of heroes that you are experienced with – or functional, at least – provides your team a lot of suppleness.

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