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What Is The Dashboard Doc?

A dashboard doc is a device that relays the check engine light of your car in simple-to-comprehend words and lets you determine personally the severity of the problems of your vehicle. This will save you unnecessary trips to your mechanic, money, and of course, time.

How do Dashboard Doc Works?

  • Install the Device to the OBD2 Port of your vehicle. Each car that is manufactured after 1996 will have an OBD2 port available. You will not have to hire a mechanic. You will just have to plug the device in.
  • Link the Device to your Mobile Phone. Using Wifi or Bluetooth, you will connect the free application on your smartphone to the device. The app is available on both Android and iOS.
  • Sit back and relax. After synching the device to the app in your phone, you will be connected to your car. You will then get regular updates. This will keep your vehicle smoothly operating and saving you tons of cash on repairs.

Features of Dashboard Doc

The device would notify you how serious the issue is and if you must immediately fix that. Because of this, you would know what the results are if you continue driving with that issue.

The device also translates automatically the check engine light of your vehicle. Don’t worry, the device would explain the problem in an easy-to-understand terms. This would help you determine easily what the best thing to do.

The device would also notify you that you must do maintenance to your car. It would make sure that you would not miss critical maintenance or an oil change.

Do you know if your vehicle is efficiently working as it should? Well, worry no more. Dashboard Doc will help you save cash on fuel by ensuring that your vehicle is operating in a great shape.

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