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What Is The Future For Marijuana

The recent advocacies on the legalization of recreational smoking of marijuana or pot seems to be gaining grounds as more and more people are becoming aware of the future possibilities and opportunities of marijuana as an economically important plant and a medicinal solution to some physical ailments.

A few years ago we asked “where is weed legal?” this was due to the marginalization of smokers as it was generally considered illegal due to its occasionally overwhelming mental effects such as euphoria, aggressiveness, violence and poor decision making abilities in some cases, but now we ask “what is the future for Marijuana?”

There are a few key issues that can help gain insight on the future possibilities and roles for marijuana. In the medical field, marijuana plays an indispensable role as a sure treatment for numerous ailments such as;

  • Marijuana helps stimulate appetite
  • It might protect the brain from concussion
  • It helps to calm war veterans suffering from post traumatic stress disorder
  • It can reduce the tremors of Parkinson disease
  • Weed improves autoimmune disorder for diseases like lupus
  • It increases metabolic rate in the body and helps burn fat
  • It’s a great reliever for arthritis
  • Inflammatory bowel disease can be cured with weed
  • It lessens the side effects of chemotherapy treatment and also that of hepatitis C treatment
  • It can mitigate the pains experience with multiple sclerosis
  • At old age, weed greatly helps with the Alzheimer’s disease
  • A chemical found in marijuana has the ability to stop cancer cells from spreading in the body
  • Seizures, tremors and anxieties can be controlled with marijuana
  • It can improve lung health by mitigating the effects of tobacco influenced lung cancer
  • And finally, it can be used as a treatment for Glaucoma.

This is proof that marijuana plays a key role in medicine. It is also necessary to remember that pot can lead to over-dependency.

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